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20 novembre 2014
21 novembre 2014
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Pistes-Solidaires has been a partner in the “Eat Smart” project, co-funded by the Youth in Action program. Coordinated by our Italian partner CESIE, this project also associated organisations from China and Vietnam (CANGO and SJ Vietnam).

The main topic of the project was sustainable consumption in relation to food.

A group of young people was created in each partner country, in which there were animators, video-makers and cooks.

One part of the group attended a training course in Beijing (China) during which the participants shared their own culinary traditions through multimedia projections or short theatrical sketches. Working in diverse groups they collected and proposed ideas for future activities (6 workshops), to organize and to develop the content of the website, the production of a final video and the development of activities for a Food Fair.

Then, when they returned to their country, each group created 6 local workshops about the three principal themes of the project: healthy food, food traditions and sustainable consumption. In France, we organised workshops with seniors, a meeting with SlowFood in a high school for cooks, as well as some food art with young people…

The group then participated to an internatieatsmart_04onal event in Palermo (Italy) where they could share their results and above all their documentaries showing the different workshops that had been organised.

Learn more about this project by clicking here and watch the videos edited by each partner!