21 novembre 2014
22 novembre 2014
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6 organisations, representing 5 European major cities, have come together to run a unique and transnational project, in order to connect urban gardens, share practices among them and build together the innovative Otesha gardens – this is the European Urban Gardens Otesha project.

In EU’GO, gardens were innovative tools to work on different themes: social cohesion thanks to a better intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, social and professional (re)integration through training, and education to sustainable development connected to the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

During the two-years of the project, urban gardeners met their European peers and studied other gardens in Marseille, Rome, Barcelona, Potsdam and Plymouth. They shared and improved their practices and implementing tools from one country to another. They benefited from the exchanges with others and together designed international tools and learning methods accessible online on the EU’GO website (

The diversity of local realities and of the participating gardens brings valuable inputs that can be re-used by other gardens all around the world, as well as by people wanting to create their own Otesha garden.

Thanks to this project, an e-learning platform has been developed in order to provide information, resources and activities to help people develop their own urban garden from the beginning or to improve an existing garden that they may already have on the go.