18 novembre 2014
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20 novembre 2014
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Eurasia Wings

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse!

Four countries: France, China, Italy and Vietnam have worked on the topics of the 3R’s to reunite youth with enterprises. Eurasia Wings wanted to create a network of European and Asian organisations active in the field of youth to promote an eco citizen spirit within the youth of their own countries and around the world.

We wanted to raise knowledge and understanding between Asian and European cultures and build a bridge between youth, art, environment and economy. Our specific objective was to create/ develop a network of organisations working on volunteering and youth projects at a local and international level. We wanted to organise a training session “art as a tool for intercultural learning and sustainable thinking” and try to build a bridge between the subjects of art and economy. Eurasia Wings promotes volunteering, youth and eco art activities to a wide audience (institutions, youth, local and international organisations, companies).

Visit the project website ( and the video edited during the meeting in Palermo.