22 novembre 2014
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22 novembre 2014
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Europe Direct Information Centre

In 2013, Pistes-Solidaires received official recognition from the European Commission as a “Europe Direct Information Centre”. We have joined a network of 500 centres in Europe.

 As the EDIC Pau Pays de l’Adour, our missions are to:

– Answer all the questions of the citizens regarding Europe (EU rights, funding opportunities…)

– Provide free access to EU documents and publications

– Guide potential EU project managers in order to find partners, understand calls for proposals…

– Organise local events to build a closer relationship between Europe and its citizens. So far, we have organised events such as conferences, linguistic cafés, animations in schools and Universities, a simulation of the European Parliament…

The Simulation of the European Parliament:

2014 was the year of the last European elections to choose the new European deputies for the period of 2014-2019.

Due to the fact that 75% of the young people between 18 and 24 did not go to vote in 2009, because they were convinced that their vote would not change anything, we decided to build their awareness of the importance of this election.

Our main field being the one of non-formal education, we organized a simulation of the European Parliament.Simulation PE

A group of 30 young people (local volunteers, students, young people attending VET courses…) were trained in order to understand the role of the deputies and then split into 4 groups that represented 4 different imagined political parties. They worked on and prepared amendments to a text dealing with the topic of volunteering activities in Europe.

On May 14th, a meeting of all the participants from this European Parliament simulation took place. This event was public and the session was even led by a French European Deputy, Françoise Castex.

The event attracted a lot of people and has been recognized as highly innovative.