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20 novembre 2013
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25 novembre 2013
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European project in Bologna, Italy


Last week one member of the team of Pistes Solidaires had the opportunity to go to Bologna, Italy to participate in a project organized by the Association YouNet . This project, supported by the Italian National Agency of the Youth in Action Program of the European Commission gathered 21 organizations from several countries of Europe with the objective of creating a network.

This network will have the mission to increase the quality of the projects that the participating organizations manage by gaining a better understanding and a better knowledge of cooperation between organizations.

The representative person of Pistes Solidaires in this project had the opportunity to develop his competences by attending the Training Course of “Project Management” during which the trainer Francesco Tarantino from Italy shared the knowledge, materials and tools he had to improve the quality of the planning, implementation and evaluation of the projects. This is very important for our participant because Alberto Tortolero, who is from Spain, is hosted in Pistes Solidaires within the frame of Grundtvig Assistantship action and he could improve the skill about this.

It was a perfect opportunity to create a great teamwork, share the best practices of each organization and also to know more about the new program of the European Commission, Erasmus +.

We hope that the collaboration with these partners will be very useful for the young people living in Aquitania.