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Pistes-Solidaires is coordinating its first Strategic Partnership in the field of adult education supported by the new Erasmus+ program: “Gamification”.

This project is targeting “hard-to-reach-adults” who are no longer motivated to engage themselves in the learning and training provisions offered by the formal and/or the non-formal adult education – for multiple personal, social, economic and psychological reasons.

The “hard-to-reach-adults” does not constitute a specific group of citizens, they are characterized by a combination of different forms of dead-end situations and lack of motivation or capacity to change this situations through taking action, learning or engaging in the community.

Many efforts have been made to alter this situation and to re-attract groups of such adults into education and learning, however most attempts remain ineffective, superficial and non-sustained.

The basic approach in this project is to change mentality though taking action in the community. Gamification is one of the most promising emerging approaches to reach and re-mobilize groups of these adults.

Gamification in an inclusion context means exploiting powerful motivational and entrepreneurial methods in digital gaming to re-mobilize the initiative-taking of demotivated people, to help them change behaviour and to empower themselves through taking action in the community.

This does not include playing computer games, but using the learning strategies of digital gaming to break out of the dead-end situations and applying them in real life.

This project is just starting so make sure to visit our website again soon for updates!