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GRUNDTVIG Workshop “Experimential learning as a tool for adult literacy education”

Associazione culturale “è” from Turin organizes a GRUNDTVIG Workshop called “Experiential learning as a tool for adult literacy education” dedicated to the topic of literacy. The theme of the Workshop: “Experiential learning as a tool for adult literacy education” includes the innovative focus in the field of adult literacy. The participants- 23 adult learners from min 10 European countries will have a chance to come to Torino to present their working methods in the field, present their organizations, find partners from future projects on European level. The Workshop will introduce to the learners the methodological approach of non-formal education and experiential learning as main part of it. As the theories of adult learning shows, the adults learn best if linked to the real-world tasks and relevant challenges. This is why the Workshop will involve learners in activities “ out of training room”, outdoors, in context of reality. Experiencing them themselves, debriefing in context of adult literacy tools and transferring the learning to the workplans of the teachers and literacy trainers – will be all together the core of the Workshop. The learners will therefore go through the lessons of Cyrillic writing and reading, city game, cooking together and simulation games that will all create a chance for experience and meta-level discussion on benefits of the method. Last but not least, the learners will use that experience to create their own experiential learning methods and test them in the frame of the workshop. At the end the methods will be collected to the manual, disseminated to wider public involved in the field. Finally, the picture of provision of adult literacy in Europe will be completed by presentation of Italian good practices in the field of adult literacy, input and discussion with Ministries of Education. The European aspect of the problem will be widely discussed so that the learners will develop their follow up projects in the spirit of common European approach.

For who: Literacy teachers, workplace literacy programs trainers, human resources managers, volunteer-teachers

From: 28 Member States of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. (If your residence country is Italy and you are interested in participating, please contact us via mail to clarify the participation conditions).

Date and place: 20-29.01.2014, Torino, Italy

Language: English

How to participate: If you are interested, fill the registration form and send it to e.associazione@gmail.com before 10 October 2013. In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

This project is financed by Lifelong Learning Program – Grundtvig Workshops.