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Mediterranean Youth Exchange: a dream that becomes reality.

My name is Margherita and I participated to the action 4.3 of Youth in Action Programme. 

This action aims to supporting youth workers’ mobility and exchange, deeping their professional skills and competences through a period of mobility in another country, to facilitate their entry in the labor market.

I was volunteer in CESIE (European Centre of Studies and Initiatives) and I participated in a lot of projects and different experiences throughout Europe. So, when I known that I was selected for this action, it was greatful for me because I always wanted to have this kind of experience and I was strongly motivated.

PISTES SOLIDAIRES is an NGO working in the field of European cooperation located in Marseille and in Pau,France.

My experience was six months duration: from May 2013 to November 2013.

Since the beginning I really enjoyed to live in Marseille because of his multiculturality and I would like to come back one day.

Furthermore the atmosphere in the NGO make me feel really like a family, but professional in the same time: I really enjoyed that, and I will never forget!

Thanks to the intercultural dimension of the NGO, I improved my English, Portuguese and French languages and I had opportunity to learn some deutch and teach some italian word.

I studied cooperation and development and I strongly believe in active citizenship, non formal education and environmental issue.

In Pistes Solidaires I was involved to take part in the association life and local events, writing and implementing projects. During six months I managed Europlants project (grundtvig), I organized TC of Otesha Innovation project and others local events, I managed ROOT (Ruralism Opens Optimal Target) youth exchange, I organized new partnerships and I edited and dubbed videos for EU’GO project: to have a look to an exemple, link here. (if the link doesn’t open:

At the end of this experience I really improved my knowledges, skills, autonomy on the work and I’m motivated to continue my pathway in the field of non formal education and European/International cooperation, to contribute to the development of local area that influences more big area, because big changements starts from small actions.

Especially in this moment, is very important to focus on youth, like a resources to develop a better future for European countries, and I hope to find my way to contribute.