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18 novembre 2014
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18 novembre 2014
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 The SOLE project started with a training course (Social Network for Local Empowerment), organised by CESIE (Centro Studi ed Iniziative Europeo) and attended by 44 participants (France, Denmark, Macedonia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and United Kingdom), was held in Palermo from 1st to 8th of July 2012. SOLE aimed at promoting active European citizenship, developing and empowering local entities that have little or no experience in transnational cooperation.

This project was implemented within the framework of the Measure 2.2 of the Europe for Citizens program which aims to implement innovative activities by bringing together local communities across Europe, promoting meetings, exchanges of knowledge and debates among European citizens. From this perspective, participants became able to discover and share their knowledge on the use of new ICT tools, especially social networks that contribute to informal learning, communication and exchange between partners. They were also able to create and strengthen partnerships between participants in developing and presenting new ideas of European projects. In the South-West of France, Pistes Solidaires has worked with local organisations to give them access to European projects.