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22 novembre 2014
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22 novembre 2014
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Pistes-Solidaires is coordinating this project within the framework of the « Lifelong Learning Programme » with the focus of « Transfer of innovation ».

The development of shared gardens in Europe has gained attention in recent years, with the sector becoming more professional, particularly in France. The appearance of “garden organisers” has been noticed and there is specialised training designed by the Network of Mediterranean Solidarity Gardens, a training body recognised by the French State.

The training provided by Otesha Garden Organisers guides new garden organisers on how best to transfer respective skills from France to Austria, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom.  The use of garden organisers plays a key role in the development of a shared garden, ensuring sustainability of the projects and their development as a support tool for social inclusion and education.  Earlier transitional projects have demonstrated the relevance and the importance of the transfer of skills between the European countries within the partnership. There is at present no similar training elsewhere and the training offered by the Network of Mediterranean Solidarity Gardens has demonstrated the required competencies and level of knowledge to transfer these important skills between the countries of Europe.

The main goal of the project is to train each garden organiser as a GARDENISER that will facilitate projects within the sphere of shared gardens. Through sharing skills and information between France and other European partnership countries, each Gardeniser will learn knew knowledge that they can then use when developing shared garden projects within their respective countries.

Visit the project website (http://www.gardeniser.eu) !